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We provide a range of solutions for businesses drawing on our core specialisms and our business specific services.

External Supplier Management

If your business spends time and money using law firms our external supplier management pack will be invaluable to you. You can also use it for other professional service providers such as accountants and architects. See external supplier management for more details.

In House Lawyer - "Locum"

Many businesses have a need for an in house lawyer, but not on a full time basis. Positively Legal can provide this service as a project specific or periodic arrangement.

In House Legal Department Start Up

If your business is considering, or has committed to, creating an in house legal department for the first time, Positively Legal's IHL Starter Pack will be indispensable. This unique process will allow you to assess the need and define the role, then be used as a strategic and operational management tool to ensure full utilisation of the legal department.

"We retained Positively Legal to review our strategy and help us develop a new plan, following a restructure… the project has been a real success."
Paul Macdonald, CEO Optas GmbH