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We have a fantastic track record of success for our clients. How can we help you win tenders?

Diagnosis and review

We review two or more of your previously submitted tenders and provide a report, presentation and performance improvement plan.

Tenders training

Increase your team's capability to produce high quality tenders that make a positive and influential impression on the client.

Pitch presentations training - Spectacular Growth simulated pitch

An experiential learning event using Positively Legal's Spectacular Growth™ model, simulating real life business pitching situations – including preparation, delivery of a simulated pitch to a client panel, and a feedback and review session to maximise performance improvement.

Live bid support

Written Tenders - challenging your thinking and providing ideas and solutions for your written tenders. Focus is on engagement strategy, project management, presentation and content, including

  • client specific differentiation
  • pricing structures
  • the value equation
  • innovation
  • selling the benefits
  • added value package

Oral Pitch - we advise on team selection, strategy, preparation and delivery. This includes our highly reputed pitch coaching looking at client engagement, style, body language, and content.

Confidence, knowledge and skills are vastly improved and transferable to the real pitch, maximising the potential for success.

Internal processes

An integrated tendering process for your firm, including evaluation criteria to decide whether to bid for jobs, team selection, pre-tender workshops and effective project management.

If you want the best chance to win your next tender, contact us!