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Positively Legal will improve the performance, profile and value of your department, its in house lawyers and support teams.

Business Coaching

We provide one to one coaching for in house lawyers, particularly General Counsel and others in leadership roles. See here for the benefits and how it works.

Strategic Business Planning

Do you have a plan? We can help you develop and implement an aligned strategy, supported by a working business plan, to improve team cohesion and performance.

External Suppliers - Law Firms

We design procurement and management processes for engagement of law firms, including invitations to tender, pricing structures and supply contracts/terms of engagement. See external supplier management for more information.

Customer Effectiveness and Service Delivery

What does your internal customer want and how do you deliver? Key areas are relationship building, effective communication and internal marketing.

IH Legal®

A business model designed by Positively Legal for in house lawyers and legal departments. This management tool can be used for strategic, operational, resourcing, training and development, and marketing purposes.

IHL Audit

Positively Legal will carry out an audit of your legal department to assess and measure value, make recommendations and assist with post-audit implementation.

IHL Locum

In house lawyer resource on a project specific or periodic basis.

In House Legal Department Start Up

If your business is considering, or has committed to, creating an in house legal department for the first time, Positively Legal's IHL Starter Pack will be indispensable. This unique process will allow you to assess the need and define the role, then be used as a strategic and operational management tool to ensure full utilisation of the legal department.