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From lawyer to leader…

Our leadership development programmes enable lawyers to become high performing leaders – as opposed to managers – in the modern law firm.

The programmes can be provided individually as one-to-one coaching or in a group training environment or a combination of the two.

Who participates?

Not just the Management Board! Anyone in your firm who would benefit from improved leadership knowledge and skills, for example:-

  • Partners, Legal Directors, Associates
  • Department Heads, Team Leaders, Sector Heads
  • Client Relationship Partners
  • Project Leaders – tenders, diversity, AI, etc
  • Associates with partnership potential

The key elements of our programmes are:-

  1. understanding leadership
  2. what makes an effective leader within a modern law firm and the skills required
  3. effective application of the knowledge and skills

Some of the issues we address are:-

  • the concept of leadership in the unique context of law firms
  • the difference between leadership and management
  • leadership traits
  • enablers and blockers
  • the kind of leadership you should be providing – individually and as a team.

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