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Strong, positive and profitable relationships with clients don’t just happen. They need thought, planning, structure and application of the right skills.

The rewards are high if you can get it right – more new and retained business, greater efficiency,  driving increased turnover and higher profitability; skills development, job satisfaction and career development for your team members; and reputational benefit for your firm.

  • What is your client strategy?
  • Do you have a client account management system and if so does it work?
  • Do you know what your clients really want?
  • Would you like to have specific plans for your high revenue clients?
  • Is your service delivery consistently excellent or just average?
  • Do your Client Relationship Partners have the behaviours and skillset to perform?

As the knowledge and purchasing habits of your client base become ever more sophisticated, relationship development and client retention becomes more challenging.

Positively Legal can help!

We have been working on these issues with our own clients since 2001 and previous to that Murray Mathieson was a client of law firms worldwide for 8 years as an in house lawyer - so he has deep insight, knowledge and experience on all matters client.